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It's a common misconception that a new build property cannot have a feature fire or fireplace due the lack of a chimney breast, gas supply into the room or is confined by room shape. Even when told that its not true, the natural reaction is well, I bet it costs a fortune to do! Again not true, like anything in life though, you usually get what you pay for. Whilst the modern home is pretty much an insulated box that is easy to heat, we are seeing a move away from a second primary source of heat towards "ambiance" first, IE electric,  where there has never been a greater choice available to customers across all styles to create their own feature that suits their exact needs and budget, no job too big or too small.


Simple electric suites

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Optimyst suites available with next day delivery!


Electric suite

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No chimney breast? No problem, we can build any suite from our vast catalogue and create an inglenook look, add a chamber of your choice - slate, stone, marble, quartz or even brick and you can compliment it with a realistic looking Optimyst electric fire (above) or even a nice stove. A modern twist on a traditional style which can give loads of different options.

Hardly seems fair does it? From well, abject, to the stunning, all delivered by our "all in one" team of quality installers and all done inside ONE DAY!!! and yes, we can even clad it all for you in a choice of our grade A staggered slate. We can take WOW to WOW+ for you, you decide which bits you want and the ones that you don't. No chimney breast really is NO problem at all for us...


When ambience is the preferred option, electric fires come into their own. With most electric fires being LED lit, they cost a minimal amount to run but give a realistic look to the fire. Their longevity on average is around 25,000 hours so should be good for well over 20 years usage! No chimney is no problem to our experienced designers & installers!

OMingle (2).jpg

Whilst multifuel or wood burning stoves still remain popular, we are seeing growth towards gas stoves for increased controllability. More manufacturers are reacting to this by offering their models in a choice of fuels so no need to compromise on the quality or the desired look, there is something for you without needing a chimney breast!


If controllable instant heat is the prerequisite,

then balanced flue for a fire on an exterior wall or a flueless version for an interior wall offer sound alternatives to having costly flue systems installed

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New house ? No chimney? No problem! atTheFireplace Wigan

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