Limestone Inglenook

Eccles Inglenook in limestone

with limestone chamber

Fireline FPW Stove


Inglenook Suites


An inglenook or chimney corner, is a small recess that adjoins a fireplace. The word is formed with ingle, meaning "fireplace" in Old English and nook. The inglenook originated as a partially enclosed hearth area, appended to a larger room. The hearth was used for cooking, and its enclosing alcove became a natural place for people seeking warmth to gather. With changes in building design, kitchens became separate rooms, while inglenooks were retained in the living space as intimate warming places, subsidiary spaces within larger rooms. Nowadays we use the term to describe the chamber opening where either a basket fire or stove would be situated.


Virtually all designs of our marble fireplace range can be opened up into an inglenook style and the chamber lined in a number of different ways. Matching marble, contrasting black granite, original brickwork or simply a plastered finish are just a few ways you can do it. If you are fitting a solid fuel stove, only stone, cast iron or wood fireplaces should be used in conjunction with tiled, slate or granite slabbed up hearths.


If you are unsure about what the options available to you are, then pop into our showroom and we will happily talk you through the choices available and organise a survey with our experienced HETAS fitters should you wish to go down the solid fuel stove avenue..  


If you want an Inglenook style design but you are unsure as to what you need  then just drop a message to us and we will happily arrange a no obligation survey for you. 

All of our designs whether they be in marble, stone or granite can usually be opened up into an Inglenook design.

It can depend on whether your greater need is for heat or ambience to decide which heating product to use which then will either open up or close options to use with it.

Feel free to create your own individual look.

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