Electric Fires

Electric Fires Information


If you are looking for a quick and simple solution to creating a focal point to your room then there are a wide choice available to select from inset, wall mounted or freestanding. All levels of budget can be catered for, from simple hang on the wall models, a wide variety of modern or traditional style inset models to fit within a fireplace or the stunningly realistic Opti-V range which uses the latest high definition tv technology to create flames & sparks for a virtual fireplace experience like no other.


Electric fires offer the convenience of a flame effect without using heat, are 100% efficient and need little aftercare or servicing. If you are limited by the lack of a flue or need gas connecting then electric offers a simple alternative. Most models offer up to 2kw output which is ideal for taking the chill off the room without having to put the central heating on.


Showroom Offer Only

Get an extra 2 year guarantee on purchases

that are part of the display & demonstrate range.

Inset & Freestanding Fires

Inset & Freestanding Fires


All inset models are designed to fit into a fireplace especially if a flue is being used. If no flue is available then options are either to knock into the wall cavity, create a space within the fireplace by altering the rebate within it or by fitting a spacer to the fire which are available for many models. A further alternative is to use a freestanding model which will sit against the back panel rather than inside it.


The new Bespoke16 HD+ Inset electric fire

Wall Mounted Fires

Wall Mounted Fires


Most models are designed to be the feature themselves usually fixed to the wall via a bracket screwed into the wall although there are some that can be recessed into a wall/chimney breast. They can be accommodated into a fireplace though with a little modification of the style.

Dimplex SP16

Dimplex Esme

Electric Suites

Electric Suites


Electric suites are usually made of wood and are made complete with the electric fire already fixed in position making them a very simple installation, usually unwrap, place in desired location then plug in. There are a wide variety of colours and styles available and their ease of movement due to the comparative light weight means the rooms they can be used in are flexible.

Flamerite Mercia Electric suite

Flamerite Mercia suite

Katell Napoli Suite

Katell Napoli suite

Electric Stoves

Electric Stoves 


With stoves remaining very popular, its hardly surprising that the electric side of the market grows too. There are downsides to the installation of a multiflue or gas stove particularly in the cost but there are some fantastic pieces of kit out there now electric wise, to give the look of those two but with controllable ambience at minimal cost.

There are literally 1000's of combinations we can put together with an ever growing range of electric stoves to suit them. Whether it be a traditional look with hearth. chamber & beam or a choice of marble suite created to accommodate a stove, we have something for everyone!

Optimyst stove with Rivern slate hearth & oak beam

Oakhurst Optimyst electric stove

with dark oak beam,

plastered chamber &

Rivern slate hearths

White Thompson Inglenook

 silver/grey slate chamber with Eko 6010 stove


Electric Baskets


There are many different styles around which can be with and without a heater. they are usually display with either an Inglenook style fireplace or a modern hole in the wall style fireplace.

Dimplex Silverton Optimyst

Silverton Optimyst


Burley Halstead



Electric Basket Fires
Electric Bespoke Designed

Bespoke Designed


The bespoke Optimyst range offers design flexibility only matched by your imagination and has been specifically developed for anyone seeking to create a unique statement fireplace in their home.

The range is available in either cassette or chassis design and all feature the Optimyst effect. Optimyst cassettes can be the vital ingredient for creating an individual piece of bespoke furniture or an eye catching focal point.

We can take pretty much any design and flex it with either a hole in the wall style or Inglenook and add the Cassette or a stove for the more traditional look.


Sacramento Inglenook

in limestone, Buff slate chamber & 600 Cassette in basket


Hole in Wall 

Oyster slate

chamber &

Optimyst 600


Limestone Hole in wall, oyster chamber & Optimyst 600 cassette

Bespoke electric fires available exclusively from The Fireplace Wigan


Bespoke Fires


A fantastic selection of electric fires that not only deliver top quality using HD+ technology but are backed up an excellent after sales service for extra peace of mind. From the Bespoke 16 curve, with contemporary fascia's available in full silver, silver & black, silver & gold or traditional silver or gold with fret.


The widescreen 24" version available in a very trendy black nickel, all silver or a black nickel overlay on silver! Amazingly, this fire fits in a standard opening like the 16" version and also has interior show lights.


Bespoke 16 Electric Fire

Over 1000 different combinations in one fire!

With each fire you get:

6x fuel bed options

5x flame effect colours

5x flame effect brightness

3x speed options

2x heat settings

Remote control as standard

Touch control manula overide

Open window cut out device

7 day timer

One year guarantee

The amazing Bespoke range is so versatile, it means you can create a different look 3 times daily and still not go through all variables in a year!


The frameless version can be set into a fireplace of your choice, framed in marble into a chimney or we can create the whole thing for you delivering proper "wow" factor to your living room. Select from the square 640, 890 or 1170 or for a lean minimalist look.


Washington Suite inc Bespoke 640 Fire

Electric Suite
of the year

Aspen suite inc Bespoke 890 Electric Fire


Elite Suite


Italian grey

marble &





Bespoke 1170 Electric Fire


Neptune Suite inc Bespoke 890 Fire

Alternatively, go for the showstopping three sided Panoramic version, ideally suited to the modern home with no chimney breast but instantly transforms a plain room. It is available in a 1250 or 1500 which can be installed with a simple studded & plastered chimney breast, with space for TV and/or soundbar. For even bigger "wow" factor, it can be  clad in a choice of staggered slates for a stunning centerpiece to any room. That's not all, we can even add an optional marble base unit in a variety of colours! 

Amazingly, our team can complete the job all in ONE day!


Panoramic 1250 Electric Fire

"The electric fire that is bespoke to you"

Panoramic 1500 with TV, Soundbar and Marble Unit

Celsi Fires

Celsi Fires


With a range that includes beautifully crafted electric suites, feature fireplace wall models, classically styled hearth inset fires, and contemporary stove designs, there is a Celsi fire to suit every home.
Best of all you are free to enjoy any of these fantastic heating appliances in any room in your home simply by plugging into the nearest mains socket.

A Celsi electric fire will be the heart of your home all year round. Every fire in the range has a 'flame picture' only setting. Unlike gas or solid fuel fires, this allows you to enjoy the atmospheric glow even when it is too warm to turn on the heat.

Celsi Electric Fires use the most up to date technology to give you the most convincing real fire effect available. Celsi - not just a fireplace. It’s an experience.

Ultiflme VR Essence

The Essence

Contemporary Brushed

Silver Fascia


Celsi VR & XD Fires

The VR & XD ranges can be viewed & demonstrated in the showroom, There are several models in the new VR range including 8 inset models, and 2 trimless versions that can either can go minimalist into the wall on their own, with a frame or as part of a suite. We can also be part of any of our own fireplace suites that can be made to measure in a choice of materials.


Ultiflame VR33

in a

Grayson suite polar white marble

Ultiflame VR Celena
Ultiflame VR Elite

   Ultiflame VR  Celena22

        Ultiflame VR Impulse                  Ultiflame VR Elite33

Flamerite Fires

Flamerite Fires


Over its 20 year history, Flamerite Fires has won numerous awards and gained a reputation for integrity, excellent  customer service and for producing high quality, innovative  electric fires, stoves and suites.
Their beautiful wall mounted suites are perfect if you are  looking to save floor space or like a sleek minimal look, whilst Flamerite Fire’s floor standing suites are available  in both contemporary and traditional styles and will instantly transform your room, providing an eye-catching focal point.

With one of our four realistic flame pictures and your choice  of fuel bed and finish on the surround, these are fires you can make your own and always enjoy coming home to.


If you already have a fireplace or space you want to put a new fire into, then our range of hearth inset fires are for you.


The Raylia

Gotham900 with custom built chimney breast
The stunning  Gotham Range

 Gotham 600

in the Patrice Suite 


Gotham 1300

frameless fire in a chimneybreast

Gotham 900 with Denver suite in polar white marble
Gotham900 with custom built limestone frame/ledge

 Gotham 900 in a studded chimney breast

we created to display TV & hide all the wires,

We even fitted the wood cabinets too!

Gotham 900

in the Denver suite 

 Gotham 900

in limestone frame/ledge

Paragon Fires

Paragon 3D Ecoflame™                                                                         Designed to give the look and feel of a real fire, but for customers that prefer electric.
• Loose realistic log, glass beads or coal fuel beds to choose from 

(use all three together if you wish)
• Exciting realistic flame effect with 4 mood settings with choice of warm dark orange flame or orange and blue flame
• Remote control with timer and thermostat built in
• High level side buttons for easy access
• Two generous heat settings

Low .75kW and High 1.5kW
• Fits most Paragon frets and fascia’s

3D Ecoflame™ electric fire with Satin Elite fascia shown in Katia surround

One fire

12 different fascia's 


Paragon 4D Ecoflame™

Building on the overwhelming success of the 3D Ecoflame electric fire we are pleased to offer the next generation in electric fires. All models benefit from the ultra-realistic deep reflective fuel and flame effect that has set new standards across the industry. The new range also boasts flickering ember effect fuel bed, 7 day timer and optional trim and fireplace mood lights to name but just a few superb innovations.

4D Ecoflame™ with

Chrome Elite Fascia

Log fuel bed

Red trim lights