Stoves Information

Stoves Information


Before selecting a stove there are many things to consider. The type of fuel you wish to use will be a main consideration which will point you down several different avenues.


Multifuel stoves have the most authentic look but fitting & installation can often be costly and outweigh any perceived cost savings on the fuel. If a stove is specified as multi fuel then it can burn a number of different fuel types including wood, coal,coke, peat, anthracite and smokeless fuels. Some towns and cities of the UK are designated smoke control areas and prohibit the burning of smoke producing fuels such as wood. In such circumstances, stoves can still be used if they burn smokeless fuels or gas. However, if you live in a smoke controlled area and still want the freedom to burn wood you can use a DEFRA approved cleanburn stove. These stoves are specially designed to burn wood whilst producing lower smoke emissions.

Gas is the cheapest, cleanest and most controllable option with flueless versions available should you not have a class 1 chimney or it isn't working properly. Flueless stoves are an ideal solution for heat in a conservatory.

The cheapest option to create "the look" is electric but they are the most expensive to run where heat is required. However an electric stove can give you a wonderful ambience without heat which is a huge advantage where a secondary source of heat isn't required.

All stoves should be installed by registered Gas Safe, HETAS & competently trained fitters. They are NOT a DIY job!

Multifuel & Wood burning Stoves

Multifuel & Wood Burning Stoves


We can supply a large selection of multifuel & DEFRA approved stoves suitable for the smallest or largest rooms. They can be installed with a simple look on a hearth or complimented with a large variety of inglenook style fireplaces, made to measure to suit your needs. Multi-fuel stoves are appliances that are capable of burning a variety of materials other than wood. Apart from logs, a multi-fuel stove can burn smokeless fuels (look for authorised fuels that are approved for use in smoke control areas, anthracite and peat/turf briquettes. The design of these stoves is optimised to accept a greater number of types of fuel and to burn them as effectively as possible. Multi-fuel appliances have a raised grate with moving bars or a central riddling grate and ash pan. Both of these options allow the burning fuel to be de-ashed to maintain effective combustion conditions. Ash is then contained in an ashpan below the grate to enable safe removal.

Multi fuel & wood burning stoves come in many different sizes & colours in the traditional "box" style, as an inset version which can be set either into the wall or into a suitable fireplace or alternatively, as a contemporary free standing unit.


Clock Blithefield Compact 5kw multifuel stove

Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves


If you are looking for the look of a real fire but prefer the instant controllable heat, then there are a selection of gas stoves available, which can be complimented in exactly the same way as a multifuel stove, on a hearth or with a wide style of inglenook fireplaces. We offer a full installation service from our Gas Safe registered fitters.

When your home doesn't have a class 1 chimney (CF), then there are still options available to you. Balanced flue gas stoves vent directly out of an exterior wall and can be put in a chimney breast created from studwork or within a suite on an exterior wall.

Flueless gas stoves can be used were a flue is either faulty or within any room where space allows as it isnt necessay to locate them on outside walls - making them ideal for rooms like conservatories. As they are 100% efficient, it wont take long before the lower running costs mean it pays for itself! 

CC Crystal Chicago gas stove

Crystal Chicago CF

gas stove

Burley Ambience flueless gas stove

Burley Ambience flueless gas stove

Electric Stoves

Electric Stoves


As an alternative to multifuel or gas stoves, electric stoves can be a fantastic choice especially if ambiance over heat is preferred. There are many different styles ranging from simple single flame effect with matt finish right up to the deceptively real "Opti-myst" look. The fully 3 dimensional effect uses established ultrasonic technology to create an ultra fine water mist. As the mist rises up through the coals or logs, the light reflects against the water creating a convincing illusion of flames & smoke. The result is a amazingly authentic look that will be mistaken for the real thing!

Technology is evolving quickly so the use of mirrors and HD screen is seeing more top quality products now available.


Flavel Luxima

VR electric stove

Beams, Chambers, Hearths & Installations
Beams, Chambers, Hearths & Installations

Once you have decided on the type of stove you require, we can offer a wide variety of hearths, chambers, wood beams and made to measure surrounds, all of which can be supplied and fitted by Gas Safe registered fitters. 

We believe we can offer a tailor made package that suits every taste, requirement and budget. There are literally 1000's of combinations we can put together so pop into the showroom for a chat & see our displays or book a FREE survey and get expert guidance to which product would suit you best before committing to a purchase.

Optional Extras


We can offer chamber downlights in sets of 2 complete with their own on/off switch.

Chamber slips in sets of 2 or 3 in a choice of materials including a modern polished chrome. 



We offer a complete installation service, supplied by our teams of experienced, fully Gas Safe & HETAS registered engineers. You can be confident that the fire & fireplace you select, will look exactly how you would wish it to and give you pleasure for years to come! Rest assured that is what we want too, after all, happy customers tell their friends & family about us...If you are not sure about what we do/don't do -please ask



Our beams are made from 100% solid English oak that is at least 80 years old then put through a 2 year air drying process. We have a choice of plain, scalloped or distressed options, all crafted locally in a finish of your choice.




These can be as simple as a boarded style, fully plastered or in a selection of materials to dress the chamber of your inglenook up. Currently, the Oyster slate & grey sparkle slate are the most popular




We have a wide selection of hearths which come in various materials and several styles of finish. Tiled are set sizes but the others all come made to measure.

Rivern slate is currently a popular choice