Technical Information

Know your flue

The main consideration when choosing a fire and/or a fireplace, will be the compatibility with your existing flue provision. Whether your property has a flue, chimney or none at all, it is still possible to purchase a fire for all of these situations. We have therefore provided the following information with pictures to explain the different flue types and alternatives available to you.

Class 1


Commonly in older houses, earlier than 1960. The Class 1 chimney is identifiable by a 7” (180mm) or greater diameter flue. The existing chimney must be structurally sound, please check before the installation of a new fireplace. This style will usually accept all styles of gas & electric fires including hole in wall designs..



Modern houses generally later than 1960 often have a pre-cast concrete chimney system, identifiable by a rectangular box section flue and a terminal, as illustrated in the picture. This style will not accept most hole in the wall fires but does accept a wide range of slimline (multiflue) gas or electric fires.


Class 2


Either an older house where the existing chimney has been lined by a proprietary steel flue or a newer house with a steel flue built in. This chimney type is identifiable by a 5” (130 mm) diameter flue and a steel flue terminal. This style will usually accept most types of gas & electric fires including some hole in wall designs.

No Chimney


Modern houses often have no chimney. Whilst eliminating hole in the wall style fireplaces, modern electric suites are popular or if is gas is preferred, a balanced flue, power flue or flueless fire are ideal. 


Fire Options

No flue what fire can I have?

f you ae require

Balanced Flue gas fires

Balanced flue fires are designed for those who want all the benefits of a gas fire but don’t have a built in chimney or flue in their home. A balanced flue fire is glass fronted & comes with its own flue terminal which is vented directly through an outside wall.Generally

Electric fires

For a quick and simple solution to creating a focal point to your room then there are a wide choice available to select from inset, wall mounted or freestanding. All levels of budget can be catered for, 

Flueless gas fires 

Flueless gas fires are 100% efficient & designed to burn the gas extremely cleanly without a flue. The burnt gases are then passed through a catalytic converter. Flueless fires gently convect heat throughout the entire house. A small air vent regulates air into the room which is being heated. This heated air dissipates away from the fire and circulates around the house.

Power Flue gas fires

Power flue fires expel the combustion gases directly outside the building through the use of an electronically driven fan unit mounted on the external wall.

Technical Information

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