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Grand Nirvana in polar white marble Crown half polished cast & black granite hearth

Cast Iron Combinations


Cast Iron Mantels

Cast Iron Inserts


A cast iron insert is a decorative plate with complimentary front bars that incorporates a fire and comes in the form of an arched insert or a tiled insert. Many have the opportunity to burn several types of fuel

such as wood, coal, gas or electric. With the exception of the efficiency plus range and any chrome finishes, all of the inserts featured in this brochure are suitable for burning multi fuel (wood, coal), however polished and highlighted products may tarnish. When burning solid

fuel it is recommended that you choose a black finish.


When choosing a tiled insert it’s possible for you to select any tile set from our range.Also incorporated into this section are cast iron fascias. These don’t feature the full depth of an insert and are combined with an inset gas fire, either open or glass fronted for extra efficiency.


For a further selection of cast inserts, for gas, electric

& solid fuel along with traditional style tiled inserts

and cast combinations, click the Cast Tec link.


For a look at the amazing Chirbury performance cast

combination with changable back panel, canopy & fret..


Fascia Casts

Tiled Casts

Choice of Tiles

There is a wide choice of tiles available to compliment your  cast insert and  come in sets of 10. Alternatively, cast-iron sleeves in sets of two are available in three finishes.

Fascia Casts

Are becoming increasingly popular to give a traditional look within a modern marble fireplace. As they come with a standard cut out, they can also take either an open inset fire, HE glass fronted fire or even a realistic 3D electric fire with matching cast iron fascia & fre. this makes them a better option than using a traditional burner tray which are very inefficient.

Efficiency Plus Casts

Arched Casts

Wooden  Surrounds

Marble Fireplaces

Limestone Surrounds

Granite Surrounds

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