Cast Iron Inserts & Combination Casts

Cast Iron Inserts

A cast iron insert is a decorative plate with complimentary front bars that incorporates a fire and comes in the form of an arched insert or a tiled insert. Many have the opportunity to burn several types of fuel

such as wood, coal, gas or electric. With the exception of the efficiency plus range and any chrome finishes, all of the inserts featured in this brochure are suitable for burning multi fuel (wood, coal), however polished and highlighted products may tarnish. When burning solid

fuel it is recommended that you choose a black finish.


When choosing a tiled insert it’s possible for you to select any tile set from our range. Also incorporated into this section are cast iron fascia's. These don’t feature the full depth of an insert and are combined with an inset gas fire, either open or glass fronted for extra efficiency.


For a further selection of cast inserts, for gas, electric

& solid fuel along with traditional style tiled inserts

and cast combinations, click the Cast Tec link.


The Wenlock

in Agean limestone

Jubilee highlighted cast

& granite hearth

with gas fire

Casttec offer a wide range of qualitycasts suitable for gas, electric and solid fuel fires

Cast tec Gas Casts

Cast tec Electric Casts

Cast tec Multifuel Casts

Fascia Casts Gallery G1

Fascia Cast Inserts

                                                                                         Are becoming increasingly popular to give a traditional look within a modern marble fireplace. As they come with a standard cut out, they can also take either an open inset fire, HE glass fronted fire or even a realistic 3D electric fire with matching cast iron fascia & fret. this makes them a better option than using a traditional burner tray which are very inefficient.


Chamberlain Cast


Hamilton Cast


Monroe Cast

Arched Casts Gallery G2

Arched Cast Inserts

We have a wide range of beautiful cast iron arched cast inserts that can be used in the most efficient and eco-friendly way for gas, electric and solid fuel applications. Manufactured in the time honoured tradition, these castings can be plain or ornate and traditional or contemporary.

Castings can also have various finishes such as matt black, highlighted, half or full polished (showing intricate detail) or traditional antique (graphite).


Electric castings are manufactured in aluminium.


Crown arch cast full polish

Available in highlight & black


Landsdowne arch cast in black

Available in highlight


Fitzwilliam arch cast hghlighted


Lytton arch cast highlighted

Available in black


Gloucester arch cast highlighed


Regal arch cast highlighted


Bolton arch cast



Coronet arch cast highlighted

Available in black


Henley arch cast in black

Available in highlight


Sutton arch cast


Jubilee arch cast



Traditions arch cast highlighted

Efficiency Plus Casts Gallery G3

Efficiency Plus Cast Inserts


The Gallery Collection proudly features a range of higher performing cast iron inserts with gas fires. These design-led fireplaces have taken the styling of the traditional insert and combined it with modern, patented gas fires to produce one of the most authentic looking products of its type currently available.

Each insert style comes with the option of 3 different fire types, class 1, 2 and balanced flue and features efficiencies of up to 84%.


Jubilee highlight EP

Available in half polished


Lytton half polish EP


Toulouse highlight EP

Sweeping Rose Yellow/Ivory tiles

Tiled Casts Gallery G4

Tiled Cast Inserts


Fireplace tiles are heat resistant tiles used to accompany cast inserts, whether you are purchasing a new tiled insert or updating an existing one we have a range to suite all tastes to compliment your  cast insert and  come in sets of 10.



Cast-iron sleeves in sets of two are available in three finishes.

Select from a choice of tiles here


The Art Nouveau tiled cast

in highlight


The Sovereign tiled cast

in black

Available in full polish


The Normandy tiled cast

in polished

Available in black


The Toulouse tiled cast

in black

Available in highlight


The Prince tiled cast

in black


The Tulip tiled cast

in highlight

Available in black

Combination Casts Gallery G5

Combination Casts


As the name suggests, a combination fireplace (or combi) is a cast iron centre piece that combines many aspects of a traditional fireplace in one package. All you need to choose is your preferred fuel type and add a hearth.

All combination models have the option of solid fuel or gas, but we also offer the option of electric fires in selected models.


As with other cast iron products, all are suitable for burning solid fuel, however polished and highlighted products may tarnish. When burning solid fuel it is recommended that you choose a black finish. 


36" Barcelona full-polished

Available in black


48" Pembroke black

Available in full-polished


36" Celtic  full-polished

Available in highlight & black


36" Tregaron highlight

Available in full-polished & black


30" Nottage highlight

Available in black 


48" Edwardian full-polished 

Sweeping Rose Yellow/Ivory tiles

Popular Combinations Gallery G6

Black Prince/Lavenham tiles
Black Prince/Lavenham tiles

Worcester pine surround & black granite hearth

press to zoom
Regal highlighted cast
Regal highlighted cast

Roundell pine surround & black granite hearth

press to zoom
Lombardo highlighted cast
Lombardo highlighted cast

Lincoln pine surround & black granite hearth

press to zoom
Black Prince/Thistle tiles
Black Prince/Thistle tiles

Grand Corbel in pine & black granite hearth

press to zoom
Tulip highlighted cast/Haslingden
Tulip highlighted cast/Haslingden

Bedford pine surround & black granite hearth

press to zoom
Bolton highlighted cast
Bolton highlighted cast

Chester in white marble

press to zoom
Crown half polished cast
Crown half polished cast

Monroe in limestone

press to zoom
Crown highlighted cast
Crown highlighted cast

Olympic in Marfil & black granite hearth

press to zoom
Crown half polished cast
Crown half polished cast

Westminster FO in Nacardo

press to zoom
Black Merrion cast
Black Merrion cast

Westminster FO in marfil & black granite hearth

press to zoom
Important Information

Important Information

All the cast iron products are delivered with a protective, oil-based coating on polished surfaces. This should be cleaned off during installation. It is recommended that a spray-type oil is applied from time to time in order to avoid surface rust appearing. Ensure that the room in which the cast iron product is being installed is thoroughly dry. For example recently plastered walls cause high levels of moisture in the atmosphere and, as a result, rust is likely to occur. Under no circumstances should a water-based cleaner or polish be used to clean cast iron products.

When using ceramic fuel beds, ensure that these do not touch any of the polished surfaces as this will help to minimise the possibility of thermal discolouration. High temperature paint is used on the black and graphite products where fires will burn. This paint will eventually burn off. A proprietary, high temperature paint can be used to re-coat your fireplace. Such paint is available from your retailer. Its your responsibility to burn smoke free fuels if you live in a smoke free zone. There are some very high temperature burning fuels which can cause damage to any fireplace.

Please refer to the Solid Fuel Association ( recommendations and use an approved coal merchant as your supplier. No responsibility can be accepted if high temperature fuels have been used or if there is excessive draft. If in doubt we recommend the use of a clay fire back. Clean ash away regularly as a build up beneath the fire will cause the grate to burn out quickly. The grate is a consumable part of your fire and will need replacing from time to time, depending on the frequency and burning temperature of your fires.

Bespoke Cast Designs
Bespoke Cast Designs

All of our marble, limestone or wood surrounds can be made to measure and selected with the majority of the cast inserts to create your own personal style to compliment whatever scheme you have in mind for your home.


Not all materials are compatible with all fuel types though so ask for details if you are unsure.


Olympic suite in Marfil with granite hearth

& Jubilee highlighted cast


Grand Corbel in pine

with granite hearth &

Tulip highlighted cast/tiles


Grand Nirvana in Sorrento with granite hearth

& Crown half polished cast