The Club Optiflame

The Club Optiflame stove

There’s nothing quite like a fire to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere and the good news is that there has never been a bigger selection to choose from. At Dimplex they have a wide choice of fires, whatever your individual needs. You love the flickering light, crackling sounds and cosy, relaxing warmth of a fire, but would rather avoid complex, expensive installation, maintenance, mess and annual servicing? That is why people appreciate the benefits of a Dimplex electric fire, which gives you all the joy of a fire - even in the absence of real flames. Choose from electric fires which fit a standard fire suite, the amzing Opti-myst range right up to the stunningly realistic Opti-V fires. As a Dimplex centre Plus we can also offer an extended 3 year warranty for all fires in the Display & Demonstrate range, something that is not available to any online retailer! 


The Sunngdale Opti-V

Electric Inset Opti-myst Fires
Opti-Myst Inset Fires

              Danville                             Danville                             Danville                              Danville

                Brass                               Chrome                                Black                          Antique Brass

Using unique state-of-the-art, patented technology, Dimplex have created one of the world’s most realistic electric flame and smoke effects – an illusion so effective that we believe it is difficult to distinguish it from the real thing. The fully three dimensional effect uses established ultrasonic technology to create an ultra-fine water mist As the mist rises up through the logs or coals, the light reflects against the water creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke. The result is an appearance so authentic that it is regularly mistaken for true flames and smoke.


           Sacramento                       Log set for                        Crestmore                         Penngrove

             Chrome                Danville & Sacramento                  Brass                               Chrome

Electric Inset 3D Fires

          Braemar                         Braemar                          Braemar

                Brass                             Chrome                      Antique Brass

Dimplex has revamped its distinguished Optiflame technology with the unveiling of Optiflame 3D. The brand new range of inset fires takes Dimplex’s Optiflame technology and transforms it to create the illusion of a 3D flame for more depth and detail. Features of the fire provide homeowners with the ability to choose a fuel bed to best suit their décor – from logs and coals, to crystal or pebbles – or a mix of all of them, which have been designed to enrich the luminosity of the fuel bed. To further personalise the flame effect, there is the option of adding a blue flame for cool, calm vibes or choose a deep orange for a glorious, cosy glow. Designed to be operated via a remote control, it allows the room temperature, timer and light intensity to be set from the comfort of your sofa. The thermostatic control setting adjusts the room to just the right temperature and optimises comfort and energy use. The fire has two heat settings with a 2kW heat output.


           Dumfries                         Dumfries                          Dumfries                          Dumfries

              Brass                               Black                         Antique Brass                       Chrome

dimplex3dFeatures 001_edited.jpg
Inset 3D Fires

New Optiflame 3D Remote Control

optiflame3dRC 001_edited.jpg

Get an extra 2 year guarantee on purchases that are part of the display & demonstrate range.

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           Glencoe                            Glencoe                          Torridon                          Portree

           Chrome                              Brass                             Chrome                          Chrome

Electric Inset Fires
Optiflame Inset Fires

Optiflame® is one of the most popular electric flame effects and can be found in a wide selection of Dimplex fires. It is a unique, patented means of generating realistic simulated flames from an electric source and creates the illusion of flames emanating from the centre of an enhanced depth fuel bed to provide a realistic glow that can be enjoyed throughout the whole year. The fires market was revolutionised when it launched in 1988 & since then they have consistently refined and improved it to an award-winning level that you see today.


         Adagio                       Adagio                           Adagio                        Aspen                      Danesbury

    Chrome Cast         Black Nickel Cast              Brass Cast             St Steel / Brass                 Brass


    Danesbury                 Danesbury                    Danesbury                         Delius                          Delius                          Elda                          Ellister

      Chrome                        Black                      Antique Brass              Stainless Steel              Black Nickel            Stainless Steel                Chrome


           Exbury                          Exbury                        Exbury                            Freeport                     Freeport                      Horton                      Horton

      Antique Brass                   Chrome                        Brass                     St Steel/Chrome            Black Nickel                    Brass                      Chrome


            Horton                        Rockport                     Stamford                   Stamford                    Wynford                       Wynford                       Wynford

         Black                  Polished Cast Iron                Brass                       Chrome                       Brass                          Chrome                   Antique Brass

Electric Outset Fires
 Electric Radiant Fires 
Freestanding Fires

     The Castillo                        The Cheriton

 Chrome & Silver                   Brass & Black


     The Lyndhurst                                            The Theme

  Black & Gold Finish                               Cherry Wood Finish


     The Detroit                         The Zamora                                                                                          The Yeominster

  Black & Chrome                Black & Chrome                                                                                                Black

Radiant Bar Fires

Freestanding fires are ideal for smaller rooms or for places like conservatories where heat is required but space is limited to accommodate other furniture.

The four outset versions are easy to manoeuvre and come with the unique Optiflame effect that can be used independently from the 2kw heaters, thermostatic heat controls and a choice of fuelbeds. They are designed to fit flush to a wall so no inset depth required but will also cover a standard opening on a fireplace.

The three radiant fires offer a more traditional look, all with a flickering flame effect for added realism.

Electric Fire Wall Mounted
Wall Mounted Fires

The selection of wall mounted fires offers a variety of portrait & landscape choices, with the amazing Opti-myst or Optiflame effects. There are options to wall mount, semi recess or fully recess into the wall.


             Redway                                  Tahoe                              Artesia                             Bach                                    Bizet

         Opti-myst                              Opti-myst                        Optiflame                       Optiflame                            Optiflame


                        Optiflame                                                                  Optiflame                                                                           Optiflame

                          Belford                                                                        SP16                                                                      Ignite XLF50 / XLF74

Electric Suites Range
Electric Suites

Electric suites are ideally suited for rooms with no chimney breasts, flats or apartments were space can be at a premium. Made mostly of wood, it makes them easy to move around and simple to install. They are a perfect all in one solution to creating a focal point for the room.

There are a choice of Optiflame & Optimyst models, in varying colours & sizes, from the tradional Chadwick & Figaro suites to the ultra modern Talia.


         Moorefield                                      Esme Optimyst                            Figaro Optiflame                   Mozart Optiflame

Stone effect & Slate back                          White & Black                                    Light Oak                          Black or Cream


   Alameda Optimyst                                 Talia Optimyst                      Mini Mozart Optiflame            Chadwick Optiflame

Stone effect & brick back                            White & Black                                    Cream                                 Stone Effect

Electric Bespoke Opti-myst Fires 
Bespoke Opti-myst Fires

     Cassette 500 / 1000              Cassette 400 / 600                  Chassis 400                      Chassis 600

  • Realistic Optimyst flame & smoke effect

  • Can be plumbed to water supply or bottle fed

  • Can be connected in series to other 500 or 1000 cassettes

  • Fully variable flame & smoke effect

  • Adjustable sound

  • LED glowing logbed

  • Remote control


  • Medium width cssette 500 H236 W508 D354(mm)

  • Large width cassette 600 H236 W1017 D354 (mm)

  • Realistic Optimyst flame & smoke effect

  • Fully variable flame & smoke intensity control

  • Remote control

  • Quick fit IEC connection


  • Medium width cssette 400 H171 W405 D216 (mm)

  • Large width cassette 600 H171 W564 D216 (mm)

  • Medium width chassis

  • As used in Moorefield suite

  • Realistic Optimyst flame & smoke effect

  • Fully variable flame & smoke intensity control

  • 2kW fan heater with choice of 2 heat settings

  • Thermostat

  • Remote control

  • Quick fit IEC connection

  • Large width chassis

  • As used in Alameda suite

  • Realistic Optimyst flame & smoke effect

  • Fully variable flame & smoke intensity control

  • 2kW fan heater with choice of 2 heat settings

  • Thermostat

  • Remote control

  • Quick fit IEC connection

  • Removable brick effect  back panel

  • Realistic Optimyst flame & smoke effect

  • Individual logs to create your own fuel bed

  • Removable glowing ash bed

  • Remote control

  • Requires assembly


  • LED under bed lighting

Dimplex Silverton Optimyst

       Optimyst ideas

Sacramento suite in limestone,

Buff chamber & Optimyst 600 cassette

Hole in the wall suite in limestone,

Oyster chamber & Optimyst 600 cassette


Optimyst basket fire


The bespoke Optimyst range offers design flexibility only matched by your imagination and has been specifically developed for anyone seeking to create a unique statement fireplace in their home.

The range is available in either cassette or chassis design and all feature the Optimyst effect.

Optimyst cassettes can be the vital ingredient for creating an individual piece of bespoke furniture or an eye catching focal point.

Alternatively an Optimyst chassis can be used in a M2M surround to 

produce a stunning fireplace suite. In fact with our vast back catalogue the possibilities are endless.

Optimyst bespoke fires create opportunities that would not be available with gas or solid fuel due to safety issues especially if you wish to embed below a TV.

Electric Opti-V Fires 
Opti-V Fires

Opti-V is unlike any other electric flame effect fire. It's flickering flames dart & dance amongst glowing logs that crackle & spark yet never burn away. Discreet LED lighting glimmers deep in each log adding to their extraordinarily realistic appearance. Driven by the HD technology usually employed in TV's, you're actually basking in the glow of a real live firecreated in your fireplace by the magic of virtual reality.


  Cellini Opti-V                                     Volterra Opti-V                                                Sunningdale Opti-V

This cast iron style stove has a large open window for optimum viewing of the incredible flame effect and comes complete with optional sound of gently crackling logs

These stylish freestanding stoves look great in any setting, giving a stylish focal point with their intricate lattice framework and striking flame effect.

A fully built-in wall fire available in two widths, 690mm or 1310mm, with slick contemporary design & stunning Opti-V flame effect. With the option of the sound of crackling logs, this fire is the ultimate statement in your room.


                           PGF10 Opti-V                                                                                                           PGF20 Opti-V

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