Internet Sales Policy
Internet Sales Policy

The Fireplace Wigan Ltd is fully aware of the benefits offered by the internet as a method to promote and market products to a much larger audience than has previously been possible through normal advertising channels, and as such we clearly understand the reasons why many people choose to purchase fires, stoves & fireplaces in this way.


However, we do not in anyway condone or support the direct selling of any of our products via the internet for the following reasons:

  • The purchase of a gas or solid fuel fire is often complex and the right appliance needs to be chosen to fulfil the varied requirements of each individual customer and their home.

  • As an independent stockist appointed to sell certain products, we have been specifically chosen because of our great wealth of knowledge and experience of the domestic fire market.

  • Our staff are fully trained in the features, benefits and specification of each fire, stove & fireplace in our showroom.

  • As a specialist domestic fire retailer, we are able to offer extra services to our customers, such as installation and annual services*, this is not normally offered when purchasing a product online often leading to installation problems.

  • Showrooms are able to show actual suites and live fire displays, for a customer to view, which in the case of natural materials is vital. No matter how hard you try it is incredibly difficult to recreate in a photograph the actual graining on solid wood, the texture of slate & stone or the pattern on polished marble or quartz.

  • After a kitchen or bathroom suite, a feature fire/fireplace is probably one of the next most expensive purchases for the home we make, why cut a corner and make a mistake for something that sits in your main living area that you will look at every day for many years?

  • Whilst there maybe an initial cost saving by buying online, we have had many experiences of customers coming to us asking for help in getting exchanges, money back or having to tell them they have bought the wrong thing completely. In many instances online retailers strip out warranties to "discount" the price but don't tell you so you only find out when there is an issue, by then its too late!

  • We have seen products advertised with an ongoing retail price below what it can actually be bought in for at wholesale! Customers are then surprised to find out that they are usually out of stock. We are more than happy to point out that all our out of stock products are 20% cheaper than any you will find online...

  • Our experience tells us that every customers needs are different but by speaking face to face usually means we can ascertain exactly what is required and sometimes more importantly what they can't have. We offer what might be considered "old school customer service," we go the extra mile to make sure everything goes as perfectly as possible, including FREE surveys for everything that we fit. Peace of mind is important to us, we are rated 5 star on Facebook for a reason but we aren't complacent, we strive to improve daily.

  • Service and showrooms come at a cost though, unfortunately displays don't come for free, mortgages/rent/heating/utilities and despite our best efforts, the staff won't work for nothing either! Many of those items listed either don't apply or are minimal to an online retailer operating out of a unit on an industrial estate which puts them at an unfair advantage. We are increasingly seeing a movement from manufacturers to make their products "showroom only" as they realise many problems are removed at source when purchasing through a showroom.

  • They are two different services so buying online to (potentially) get a cost saving should not be compared to the experience offered by a showroom.

Summing up, we feel it is vitally important the purchase of a bespoke fireplace and/or any heating appliance should be made from with-in a specialist showroom environment to enable us, at the point of sale, to clearly identify the needs of each individual customer and assist them in choosing the purchase that best suits their individual requirements and installation criteria. 

* Annual services are required as part of the terms and conditions of all extended guarantees offered by all gas fire manufacturers.