Multifuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves are appliances that are capable of burning a variety of materials other than wood. Apart from logs, a multi-fuel stove can burn smokeless fuels (look for authorised fuels that are approved for use in Smoke Control Areas), anthracite and peat/turf briquettes. The design of these stoves is optimised to accept a greater number of types of fuel and to burn them as effectively as possible. Multi-fuel appliances have a raised grate with moving bars or a central riddling grate and ash pan. Both of these options allow the burning fuel to be de-ashed to maintain effective combustion conditions. Ash is then contained in an ashpan below the grate to enable safe removal.

Many multi fuel stoves incorporate a primary air inlet which introduces air from beneath the grate, these features both facilitate efficient combustion. The heat output of a multi-fuel appliance will be similar, if not identical to that of a wood burning stove – and both types are highly efficient. Many also have Airwash and Cleanburn as standard and, as with a wood burning stove, the introduction of innovative functions and technologies has meant that running an appliance is easier and more cost effective so you can derive greater pleasure from the many benefits and ambience it will give you in abundance.

So, you may well be asking yourself: why should I choose multi-fuel over wood burning? The main advantage is one of convenience: as a multi-fuel stove can burn a range of approved fuels, you will be able to choose from a greater number of suppliers and therefore select the nearest. This will help to reduce not only the amount you spend on fuel but also the time and money you will need to transport it to your home.


Whichever you choose however, it is worth making note that some dedicated wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves can be fitted with a

kit to enable the combustion of all types of solid fuel, thereby giving you

the best of both worlds in terms of fuel availability.

How to light your multi fuel stove

The Rochester

Flavel Rochester 5kw or 7kw

Available in 5kw or 7kw

 Multifuel, Wood burners & Inset Stoves

What size stove do I need?

The average room temperature for comfort and relaxation is around 21° C; to achieve this you need to supply around 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic metres of space. To find out the size of your room take the height, length and width measurements. Then multiply them together. For example, if your room measures 5m long by 6m wide and a height of 3m your cubic meters adds up as 90 cu. m. Divide this by 14  and this would tell you that you need a 6.4kW stove.

Please remember this is a rough guide, other factors must be taken into consideration including double glazing, insulation, age of home etc.

An average sized room usually needs no greater than a 5kW output.


Wood Burners

A wood burning stove is usually built without a fixed grate, but with a flat base: as the wood burns the ashes are collected and when the fire needs more fuel, fresh logs are placed on top. The effect is hugely positive for wood burning because logs combust more effectively & evenly when resting on a bed of ashes, giving you maximum efficiency & heat output from your wood burning stove. When combined with Cleanburn technology, the effect is enhanced further. The introduction of air into the firebox of the stove to combust gases & hydrocarbon particles ensures that your fuel is used as effectively as possible meaning greater value for money & wonderful flames to admire. It is also worth considering the environmental benefits of wood burning. It is regarded as a carbon neutral form of energy as during its growth, a tree will absorb the amount of carbon dioxide roughly emitted when it is burned on a wood burning stove or fire. It is thus a provider of ‘green’ heat. You may also be in a position to maintain your own private wood supply, thereby generating virtually free fuel that is exclusively available to you whenever you need it although bear in mind that logs must be sufficiently dry to burn.

The Evolution Hesta 5kw

The Hestia 5kw


Inset Stoves

If you have a standard builders opening then our Inset Stoves are designed to be built into a chimney breast leaving only the front visible or can be sat into a stone fireplace for added wow factor. So with the Inset Stoves not only does this give a sense of simplicity to your room but they are also a popular choice where space is limited. They give you a 'window of flame' in your wall and are available in many different types, eg double sided inset stoves, ones with curved fronts, or huge wide letterbox insets with doors that slide up and into the wall. A cassette stove is an inset stove with a second layer of metal around the firebox which forms an air gap around the stove allowing heated air back into the room. Cassette stoves are usually a little easier to install. We offer inset wood burning stoves and inset multi fuel stoves in either contemporary or traditional designs.

The Portway panoramic cassette 5kw



Cassette 5kw

Burley Coppice
Wood 5kw
Carron Darwin
Multifuel 4.7kw, White & black available
Dimplex Bellingham
Multifuel & wood 4.7kw
Dimplex Westcott
Multifuel 4.3kw
Evolution 4
Multifuel & wood 4kw
Evolution 7
Multifuel & wood 7kw
Fireline FGi5W
Multifuel & wood 5kw
Fireline FPi8
Multifuel & wood 8kw
Gallery Helios 5
Multifuel & wood 4.5kw
Gallery Tiger
Multifuel & wood 5kw
Hamlet Solution 5 & 7
Multifuel 5kw / 7kw
Portway Contemporary
Multifuel 4.5kw
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We have a wide selection of hearths which come in various materials and several styles of finish. Tiled are set sizes but the others all come made to measure. Most popular styles tend to be rivern slate to give that natural rustic look but can be finished in different ways to achieve a variety of styles i.e. boxed, boxed & lipped, waterfall. Glass shaped hearths are a contemporary alternative to complement any stove. The glass hearths are  constructed from 12mm toughened glass & available in smoked or transparent glass with four shapes to choose from.

Black riven slate

Black riven slate

Truncated Glass
Teardrop Glass
Semicircle Glass
Square Glass
Rivern slate black
Olive slate tile
Graphite slate tile
Autumn quarry tile
Barley slate tile
Porcelain slate tile
Natural slate
Ebony granite
Honed granite
Brazilian slate
Matt black tiled
Black matt
Grey tiled
Light brown tiled
Light brown
Honed black granite
Polished black granite
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We can offer a wide selection of designs and materials to dress the chamber of your inglenook up. There are 8 brick designs and All of them come custom made to the size you require. There are loads of potential combinations that can be put together so we are sure there is one there for you!

Beams & Timber Surrounds

Oyster Slate
Mixed colours
Black Oyster slate
White quartz
Oyster ministrip slate
Mixed colours
Multicopper Slate
Grey & white Quartzstone
Grey & white
Cream Quartzstone
Olive Slate waterfall
Graphite Slate waterfall
Red standard brick
Rustic red brick
Rustic red with return
Rustic red return & arch
Herringbone cobbled red brick
Weave cobbled red brick
Reclaimed red brick
Cotton cream brick
Portuguese Limestone
Vermiculite reeded
Ceramic grey brick bond
Ceramic red brick bond
Porcelain slate brick bond
Black granite
Riven slate
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Geocast Oak effect beams

The realistic oak effect beams now look even more realistic than ever and are available in light & dark oak effect. They are lightweight & moulded from three separate natural oak beams. Newly developed, the material is

composed of natural inorganic minerals, are non toxic and unburnable, offering an advantage over wooden beams. They are available in 36", 48" & 54" with concealed lights as an option for the 48" & 54" models.

Light oak
Dark oak
Feature lights with switch

Solid wood beams, shelves & surrounds

We can offer a wide selection of beams, shelves and surrounds all crafted from the finest timbers to suit all tastes and requirements.

If unsure then ask for details.

Unfinished oak
dark oak & varnish
light oak & wax

Flue Systems

Plain oak
Large corbel oak
Plain corbel oak
Albero oak
Bedford pine
Available in oak
Calabria oak
Danesbury pine
Grandcorbel pine
Howard oak
Lincoln oak
Available in pine
Roundell pine
Worcester antique pine
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Stainless steel flue liners

We only fit the best grade of flexible flue liner which is constructed from a single strip of steel which is bent at 180 degrees and then the seam is folded in four planes to give a quattrolock seal. It is used when relining a masonry chimney stack and can be used with burning gas, oil, coal, coke, cured dry logs, cured dry peat.

The chimney flue liner we use is approved and listed by HETAS and comes with a 10 year warranty,

Usual requirements will usually include an enamel pipe, register plate/brackets, top plate, top clamp, top sleeve insert, nose cone, increasing adapter from 100mm vitreous enamel or stainless steel single wall flue pipe to 125mm multi-fuel liner, fire rope & cement, a chimney notice plate and 10m twin wall liner.

Twin wall Systems


Twin wall insulated flue systems are used when there is no constructed chimney available. Generally used in new build properties built without chimneys, but also used in many conversions and renovations where the chimney stack has been removed or the wood burning stoves desired position is not where the chimney is located.

An insulated flue system is a low cost alternative for removing the smoke and flue gases from wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, than building a stone or brick chimney. Generally available in stainless steel or matt black finishes.

Fitting Service


All of our wood burning or multi-fuel stoves are installed by an approved installer and all gas stoves by our Gas Safe registered engineers. Where their work may cross over then both will be present on the installation.

We can offer the fullest installation service on all types of stoves, from the full removal of your existing fireplace, creating the chamber, a full plastering service, made to measure service on all hearths, chambers, beams and surrounds right through to the installation of the flue system. Every installation will also receive a commissioning certificate on completion. The fitters are happy to offer extra services should they be required such as fitting new chimney pots, cowls, chimney sweeps and servicing, all at very competitive prices.

We accept all major credit & debit cards along with cash or cheques

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