The HE900 by Wildfire





Love the look but got a precast flue?

Been told you can't have this style?

Budget won't stretch far enough?

        Well not anymore.... 

The HE950L is designed for precast flues & can be fitted within any of our fireplaces so won't break the bank either.                                                           Now on display in our showroom. Pop in for a look & chat today .  

Gas Fires Information


Having established the type of flue you have or not got, then you can work out the style of fire and/or fireplace you can have. 

Class1  Any style of fire, any fireplace restricted only by width of chimney breast

Class 2 Some styles of fire, most fireplaces restricted by height of chamber and  width of chimney breast.

Precast Slimline (multiflue) fire, No hole in the walls, most fireplaces restricted by height of chamber and width of chimney breast. Some precasts are within the cavity so appear to be flat walls.

No Chimney No standard inset fires or hole in the wall style. Most styles of fireplace.


If you are unsure about your flue then go to our technical section


There are several different types of ignition for gas fires.To find

the most suitable for you then a guide to those available is here



Further choices are the type of fuel bed requires, typically coals, pebbles, driftwood or logs.

Finally the outside of the fire is dressed in a trim & fret. Although

they are flexible to a point, it should be noted most are designed

to fit their own brands & aren't usually interchangable.

This is a selection of the most popular styles available.


Multiflue & Class 1 Inset Fires

This type of open fire is probably the most realistic look but can lack in efficiency as heat is lost up the flue. Newer models are now pushing this level up to around 74% though. Slimline (multiflue) fires are shallower in depth to suit precast flues but will fit in all types whereby a class 1 full depth fire is designed for a brick chimney and is ethetically more pleasing on the eye due to its size.


HE Glass Fronted Inset Fires

This type of high efficiency fire has a glass panel across the front of the fire which radiates the heat generated from the fuel bed directly into the room.

The glass panel concentrates the radiant heat so that more heat is forced into the room and less is lost through the chimney. Combined with convected heat which is produced by cool air drawn into the base of the fire, through the heat exchanger and then emitted as warm air though the gap above the canopy this makes glass fronted HE’s the most efficient conventional flue fires available.

Balanced Flue Inset Fires

Balanced flue fires are designed for those who want all the benefits of a gas fire but don’t have a built in chimney or flue in their home. A balanced flue fire is glass fronted & comes with its own flue terminal which is vented directly through an outside wall.


Power Flue Inset Fires

Powerflue fires expel the combustion gases directly outside the building through the use of an electronically driven fan unit mounted on the external wall.


Hole in the Wall Fires

There area host of different styles available but you need a class 1 chimney. From a simple 4 sided inset model to a high output/efficiency  glass fronted version that can be complimented with marble trims or set inside a complete fireplace suite, we have them all. Alternatively, if your budget is a little more restictive, we can make a hole in the wall for you out of the marble of your choice and install either a electric or gas fire to suit.


Flueless Fires

Outset LFE Fires  &

Radiant Fires


Gas Stoves

Cast Inserts

Basket Fires


The HE900 Gas Fire

Sydney Suite with HE900
Sydney suite & LED's with HE900


HE900 shown in the Sydney suite with clipped hearth made in limestone & rivern slate


HE900 shown in the Sydney suite with LED lightstrip made in polar white marble.

Now exclusively available from The Fireplace Wigan  and  is on display in our showroom. Pop in for a look and be "wowed" today!

New Arrivals

The Whisper 750 landscape gas fire

Log effect fuel bed

Cream back

4.7kw output 

Shown as hole in wall

with optional marble

The Whisper 750 portrait gas fire

Log effect fuel bed

Cream back

5.5kw output 

The Whisper 550 gas fire

Log effect fuel bed

Cream back

4.2kw output

Can be inset into a fireplace too! 

The Whisper Range from Trent Fires
Suitable for Class 1 flues only
Hand held remote control as standard

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